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Tiled Kitchen Wall

tiled kitchen wall

We’ve tiled a kitchen wall this weekend. It’s the one that’s behind my stove. I’ve grouted it and such but I have to move everything back in to place still. We have a plan for the kitchen though and it’s nice to see everything coming together. It was slow going up to this point but now it seems to be going much much faster. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and it turned out really well. The kitchen is so much brighter now and the wall just seems to sparkle when the lights hit it. I love it :)

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Black Kitchen Cabinets

So… I may have gone a little crazy with the black paint. Painting the front door led to painting the backyard door led to painting the kitchen cabinets.

I’m clearly not done yet, but it’s a start. We’re buying new hardware for the cabinets and drawers and I’m painting the kickplates still.

AFTER thanksgiving, we’ll be replacing the counter top and the sink. It’ll be a good thing. I can picture a new better kitchen and it makes me happier :)

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Black Door

I painted our front living room door black and then noticed the door to the back yard could use a coat of paint too. Oh look! A can of mostly unused black paint.

So I took my gallon of semi gloss black paint and started painting the door black. I need to paint the inside trim stuff on the windows but I need a smaller paint brush. We’re also adding new hardware.

Looking at the photo makes me want to paint the threshold too. Oh! And did you notice I might have taken a swipe at the cabinets next to the door? ooops….

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Removing pipe and wood shelves

I put pipe and wood shelving in the kitchen to replace some cabinets that were so thin front to back that I could barely fit a single standing up wine bottle in them. I liked the wood shelving up until it just became too difficult to keep it looking pretty. It’s been looking like this lately and I hated it. We had plans for this space for a while and finally started working on it Thursday.

Looks like crap right? The purple paint is from when I pictured the kitchen that color. Used a gallon of paint on just one side of the kitchen and realized I freaking hate the color in most lighting situations. I have been bitching about the color since about a week after putting it up. It’s on my to do list.

We removed the shelving and moved in a buffet table that I picked up from a friend after trading him campaign buttons for the buffet.

Cody built a shelf system for above the buffet and our oldest son helped us put it up securely on the wall. Cody put in more screws than was necessary simply¬† because of what we’d be filling it up with once it was up on the wall. It made me feel better.

how to hang a cabinet

buffet serving area

We finished the project literally moments before people started showing up for the monthly pretentious wine party (a party where my friends come over dressed up nicely and we drink wine). It made serving food soooo much easier! I just put everything out on the buffet and everyone could see where the dishes were. Love love love how it worked out for the party. I also love how my Teslacon Posters look hanging up as a sort of back splash.

Anyway, we love it. A lot. I adore having all my pretty dishes within easy reach. I need to keep organizing it a bit better and finish putting stuff in it, but I’m pretty damn happy with it right now.

And those pipe and wood shelves? They’re in another room and as soon as that room is better looking, I’ll be posting photos of their new location.


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Hanging Kitchen Cabinets (again)

The kitchen project¬† continues. Cody and Jordan hung some cabinets above the stove for me today. The area is in now way even close to finish yet but it’s a start. I have to add knobs, shelves between the cabinets, paint over the purple that looks bad 90% of the time, switch the bottom cabinets to opposite sides of the stove which will allow me to move the stove over, trim stuff out etc. I can see it coming together though.

I still have loads of other house projects to do, but it’s a start. My house is pretty trashed at the moment and I’m trying to not let it bother me. Working furiously on listing things in the store and cleaning up the house and finishing projects. I can do it!

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