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UCM Daily

UCM Daily

I’m on the University of Central Missouri website today and was in their UCM Daily News email. I’m really proud of the article and although there’s a lot of negative feed back on the UCM facebook page right now, I’m still proud of certain aspects of my college.

One of the things I’m proud of is the student involvement in peaceful protest regarding the things that happened in Maryville MO. There’s active dialogue going on within the campus and students are getting involved in whatever ways they can to show that they support Daisy.

One of the ways I can show support for Daisy is by doing what I do best: designing buttons. I worked with Courtney Cole to design this button for the peaceful protest she is organizing. I’m donating them and sending them to her to pass out or sell or whatever she decides to do with them.

stand for justice


I’ve read a lot of really hateful, not thought out stuff on the UCM social media the last couple of days. UCM gave me the option of not having my full name out there when they released their piece about myself and my company, but I wanted them to use my full name. I want people to find me because I want them to see that some students at UCM are doing what they can to show support for Daisy while staying peaceful and legal.



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The Unjust Rape Trial of Captain Jason Boman

the power of the harasser

I had someone post this as a comment to a photo on my facebook wall and I wanted to share it here. It does a fairly good job explaining *some* of the problems that we feel made the rape trial of Captain Jason Wayne Boman of Whiteman Air Force Base a mockery. Still not silent. Still not going to be silenced. I feel that this story is important and I think that the military needs to be held accountable for putting a pilot asset above holding that same asset accountable for their horrid behavior.

At original manufacturing time, there were only 21 B2s in existence. Ever. There are fewer now due to accidents. There is only one base in the entire Air Force that has a permanent contingent of B2 aircraft. The only other places that it goes are for deployments or back to the depot for repair/refit periodically. Point being, if you are a B2 flier, there is only one place you can be unless you are on some kind of staff/command tour for career broadening and enrichment.

On Whiteman AFB there are only 2 flying squadrons. If you want to mince hairs there is also a test squadron and a training squadron, but for practical purposes lets just go with the fact that there are 2. Both squadrons are actually located in the same building as well, so the difference in unit designation is really just a chain of command thing and used for assignments and things like that. This does bring up another point however, as all B2 pilots are trained at Whiteman AFB. Unlike other air frames you don’t go to school somewhere else then get farmed out to one of any number of bases to fly around for your job. After initial pilot training, you come here. You train here. Then you work here. For the rest of your natural career, assuming that you don’t take another job for broadening. Even if you do leave, you always come back eventually. This is a primary factor that has lead to Whiteman’s unique…..culture.

Moving away from specifics to the air frame, he’s also a pilot. Pilots in general have a weird fraternal bond that extends beyond sense. They will back each other up and defend each other based purely on the fact that the other guy is a pilot. I’m sure you’ve noticed this behavior. Building on that, he’s also an AF Academy grad. Academy cadets in general ALSO have this Stepford-type bond. Perhaps you’ve noticed similar behavior in those who came through the Navy’s school. Finally, just to round out the trifecta, he played sports during his academy days. The college athlete bond also builds that same sort of bond. I’m not really sure that the last one was a factor here, but I am confident that it strengthened the other two.

The point being, placing two B2 pilots on the jury virtually guarantees that they knew each other well. If they were similar in age/career group/rank the likelihood becomes even higher. Two of those votes were cast the moment their flame retardant asses entered the room.

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A Drunk Person Cannot Give Consent

a drunk person cannot give consent

I wanted to share a blog post a friend did that used big girl words to explain why we’re upset. For me, a huge part of the issue is that by their own rules, the Air Force should have convicted Captain Jason Wayne Boman of Whiteman Air Force Base of rape based solely on the numerous training sessions he’s received that clearly state a drunk person cannot give consent.

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Speaking via Photos

Since I can’t do anything on facebook now except for changing my profile photo or privately messaging people, I’ve been communicating with friends via a series of profile photos. For shits and giggles, I thought I’d post them here as well. It’s 1:14 am and I’m still feeling feisty…

picture037 facebook 3the power of the harasserin the endi swore to never be silentI SPEAK UP WHEN OTHERS CANNOTto sin by silence

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Suspended on Facebook for Posting information about an alleged Rapist


facebook 3

I supposedly violated community standards when I posted a reaction to the end of a friend’s rapist’s military trial. I say supposedly because I don’t know how exactly I violated the community standards. The only message I got from facebook was this thing I had to click on when I relogged in to my account after they autologged me out.

facebook 2

Anyway! He’s a pilot at the local air base. She’s a civilian school teacher in another town. They knew each other. He offered her a ride to his house and a place because she wasn’t living in town yet, had been drinking, and her friends had her keys and wallet. They’d known each other for a while and she felt safe taking the offer of crashing on a friend’s couch. She accepted the ride. She fell asleep on the couch. She woke up to him sexually assaulting her. She was drunk. She *also* said No. They were not in a relationship where he could assume drunken advances would be met with happiness.

That was 16 months ago. The military trial ended at 2:30 am Saturday with a not guilty verdict. The way military trials work, 4 of the 5 people on the jury would have needed to vote guilty and 2 of the 5 on the jury were also pilots. I don’t think she had a chance in hell of a fair trial. Two of the jurors cried when the verdict was read and apparently you could tell they didn’t think it was the right verdict.

So at 3:30 that morning, I drove to her house despite being sick all week and her friends/family rallied around her. We helped keep her calm. We made plans. We lamented that this was another example of the military justice system needing an overhaul. Then I went home and recouped and made a button with his image, his name, and the word “rapist.” It was removed from Facebook and my account is restricted for 12 hours. I can talk to people privately and change my profile photo, that’s it. No status updates, no photos, no commenting at other people, no “liking” anything. Nothing.

I know it wasn’t one of my friends who complained about the photo because the type of friends I have would just argue with me directly, they wouldn’t report me to facebook. The survivor had her account suspended a couple hours before I did. She also had her account suspended today as well.

So right now my friends and family are a wee bit worried for me. They think I should not say anything at all so I don’t get in to trouble. I’m not sure I *can* get in to trouble. He was accused of rape and I’m talking about it. I’m allowed to do that. Facts are he *is* an accused rapist. Regardless, I’m already in contact with a lawyer or two so that if he does decide to sue me for defamation of character or anything else, a lawyer will already know exactly what I’ve done. We’ll see if I end up needing them. If I do, I can guarantee you that I’ll post about every step of the process including any attempts to silence me again.

I think anyone who knows me also knows that I have a difficult time keeping my mouth shut when I think injustice is being done. I’m simply not built that way. So. I say things and I will keep saying things because the way the trial was handled was abhorrent.


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