Flokati rugs and a red headboard

I posted about the headboard I planned on making and although we made it that evening, I didn’t get a chance to put it up until today. Why today? Because today was the day my flokati rugs came in the mail. I bought two smaller rugs to put side by side instead of one big one because 1. it’s massively cheaper and 2. makes it easier to have a smaller rug somewhere else should I no longer like them in my room. My dog really likes them though, she blends right in…

black bedroom

side table

flokati rug

cat on bed

Aside from putting down the rugs and reading more Forgotten Realm books, I need to work on the one corner of my room that still bothers me. It’s become a catch all for massive amounts of stuff and now I need to clean it up. I’ve been taking photos of spots in my house I need to work on. Not only do they help me identify what needs to be removed, but they also serve as a reminder for how well the house is coming along. Sometimes I get overwhelmed at all the stuff we still have to do and it helps to remember how far we’ve come in the 7 months we’ve lived here. And not that I need a photo for this area because it’s a sty but I took one anyway.

black wall

Aside from the chair and the quilt, everything else is finding¬† a home today or is being put in the donation pile. I’ve been ruthless these past few weeks and I’m slowly cutting down on the sheer amount of stuff we’ve amassed over the past 9 years. You’d think with as much stuff as I give to the Salvation Army, we’d have almost nothing in the house now but we seem to acquire¬† more. I’ve worked on that but the purging continues. I have plans for the art for this corner and just need the husband to help me hang it all up. Hopefully I can post a more appealing photo tomorrow :)

What organizing projects are you guys working on lately?

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One thought on “Flokati rugs and a red headboard

  1. AlohaAroha says:

    I like it all! The headboard, the rugs, the cushions, and your gorgeous kitty cat!

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