Painted the wood floor white!

I went for it. I started painting the floor white and we love it. Both the husband and I were iffy on it looking good or not but I think it looks fantastic! It was a little difficult to paint because we have pets and they have hair. I did a lot of cleaning before I started painting it and then I kept using the dyson while I was painting because a tuft of hair would just magically appear. That part was awful! But it looks good. A refresher of what it was before: Teal walls, white trim, yucky floors

A close up of the damage on the floor. It should have the same color all over, but flecks of it are coming off and looking yucky.

And several coats of white paint later I had a back that hurt like heck and leg muscles that weren’t doing much better. The husband put on the last coat of white because I hurt too much to do it. Anyway, the dining room now looks like this

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16 thoughts on “Painted the wood floor white!

  1. Frank B says:

    Normally, paint over any hardwood makes me sad, but that looks really nice.

  2. Lovely! It looks so bright and open.

  3. karen.jersey says:


    How did you handle the transition to the other rooms?

    (followed you here from 2P)

    • geekdetails says:

      the doorway from the dining room to the back living room has tile between the two. The door to the kitchen has a piece of wood at the transition point between tile and wood. The doorway to the front living room, we just painted a clean line for now. Eventually I will be painting the front living room too so I’m not too worried about transitions.

  4. I love it so much! What a great job brightening up the space. The stark white works perfectly off the dark blue wall color.

  5. Sensational transformation!!!!

  6. Susan says:

    OMG– talk about a big change! It looks awesome!!!

  7. Kellie says:

    you have a beautiful house! yall have done awesome work!! wanna come fix mine up??? ha.
    -kellie (style school classmate)

  8. Did you use a special paint for floors? Looks great!

  9. Great job!!! I was also scared at first, but very pleasantly surprised!

  10. It looks AMAZING! I agree that it brightens the entire room, and your dark wood chair legs look magnificent with the contrast to the white floors. Way to go!

  11. [...] living room and after talking about it, I had to agree with his reasoning. So today my previously white dining room floors went black. More specifically they went “Lincoln Cottage Black” in Valspar floor and [...]

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