Stripping paint – A minor kitchen project.

I have windows all over the house and the kitchen is no exception. We have this neat window that has mini windows on the top and sides and a nice thick chunk of wood on the sill. It’s big enough that you can use it as a seat or a place to put things. The previous owners decided to put a piece of wood there so they could use it as a breakfast area. Nice in theory but it covered up some of the cabinets and drawers. So… we removed it.

That was the POs kitchen photo from the house listing. Cody and I removed the table thing awhile ago and dealt with the overpainted bubbly ledge. It was one of those thing that had just painted tons of times and never stripped. It also had many layers of caulking on it.  Like so

I grew tired of it and after seeing how easy it could be to fix, I decided to go for it. After spending two hours stripping paint and sanding the wood ledge so it would be smooth, I went to stain it only to find my stain was gone. /big sigh. I’d been hoping to finish before the guys got home.

renovating an old house

So then Cody and I went to Lowes and talked to our paint lady. she helped us pick out stain and now it looks like this.

Sorry for the dark photos. It’s been raining all week. It’s almost the middle of may and I’m in a long sleeve dress and thick tights. /sigh.

The project is fixed though. Check one thing off my house renovation list! What I want to be next up is painting the wall under the shelf to be white and adding shelves to another closet so i can remove something from that area. What’s actually next up? the basement floor (again). We’re fixing that this weekend with a self leveling something or other. fun times…

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4 thoughts on “Stripping paint – A minor kitchen project.

  1. Grace2882 says:

    I love this. Your home is lovely. I wish that I had your style. Mine still has a mishmash of donated items even after 18 years of marriage. I can’t seem to get rid of anything. Yours is very elegant.

    • Amanda says:

      Awe thanks Grace! I think it helped that I moved houses every two years or so due to the military. I purged stuff often and got to try on different styles of decorating.

  2. kaylaaimee says:

    That looks great! I’m getting ready to do some paint stripping and staining myself, I’m so encouraged to see your DIY pics look so good!

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks! It is so much easier than you’d think, you just have to make sure to follow the proper steps. I was tempted to half ass a couple steps but that always ends in a meh project finish.

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