Recovering a chair

I have some chairs I bought at the Salvation Army a while back. They were a whole $1 each and while the lines were good, the colors were fugly. Like so:

The wood color was meh. It didn’t really go well with the house and it was a little too 1970s for my taste. No fear though, it was nothing a can of spray paint couldn’t fix. I went with oil rubbed bronze but I think next time I’d do a hammered metal like the chandelier in the dining room. I may redo them even since I like the hammered metal better.

I needed to recover my chairs though and wasn’t finding the right fabric. Then I read on a guy’s blog about how he recovered a bed using Army Surplus blankets. How cool is that? Pretty cool, and cheap. So I headed back to the Salvation Army and bought a $3 blanket. It’s really soft gray woolish something or other and was perfect. I brought it home, cut it up, and this is the result:

I like it. I have to do the other chair today, but that’ll be easy. Apparently Anni (my westie) likes this chair too. It’s covered in blanket though so that’s to be expected. Really easy to do and not too terribly expensive either. I had dreams of painting these chairs a BRIGHT sunny yellow or perhaps a robin’s egg blue, but I don’t think the guys would like it.

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