Sealing the air system

Our kitchen had that funny little half wall that I have been slowly removing. We’ve discovered it is not original to the house like we thought. I’d thought it was the old wall of the house (pre addition) and it’s just an add on itself. So I’ve been removing it and part of removing it involved our heating/cooling system. The half wall had an air vent coming out from it so removing the wall meant replacing or cutting down that air vent.

We went shopping at Lowes and they do not sell the air vents in the size we needed so we bought some tin snips and a floor vent cover. We measured out how tall the vent channel needed to be and Cody snipped it down to size since the project was frustrating me and I was being pissy. Once it was snipped down to size, we tried to reattach it. It uses something called a ” S clip” to clip one piece of metal to the next. Cody went to the garage and tried to do it from there but it wasn’t happening. So I reached my hand in and pulled the main vent in to the extension. If you’d known about our recent mice issues, you’d know this was a huge deal for me.

Once it was all clipped together, we realized the joints were not air tight and probably never would be unless we replace the whole thing. We have lovely metal insulation tape though and went to work. Cody taped the outside of the vent in the garage and I taped the inside of the vent in the kitchen.  Once that was done, we realized there was a gap between where the vent came in to the house and the vent itself

This is an issue since the cold garage is right under the kitchen and you could feel the cold air coming in. Enter the handy dandy metal and plastic tape again.

It’s aluminum over a layer of plastic and you can rip pieces of it off, but it seals up things nicely. I cut it to fit the length of our vent and then cut it in half so there wasn’t so much tape. I then applied it around the air vent and floor.

there’s not a lot of it on my floor and you can see where it goes around on the inside too. It’s pretty easy to work with and sealed everything up nicely. We’ve applied this same stuff around some of our doors and windows (under the trim) and it works well. Once it’s all taped up, we replaced the vent cover.

As you can see, removing the halfwall gave us more flooring that is unstained. I’ll have to sand it with the hand sander and make it match the rest of the kitchen. But that’s just aesthetics so it can wait. Right now we’re focusing on the insulating of the house. Which means I’m going to Lowes again today to get insulation wraps for the pipes in the cold garage that are for my radiators and are uninsulated. Cody said it was nice to have his face near them when he was putting the tape up but it’s an obvious leak in our insulation process and must be fixed. This old house is a never ending project I swear :)

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2 thoughts on “Sealing the air system

  1. Teigan says:

    How the hell do you know how to do all of this? I love it that you are doing all of this yourselves rather then hire in people. You’ll have so much pride in your house (and you probably already have a lot) when it’s finished.

  2. Amanda says:

    I watch a lot of DIY Network and some of it just seems common sense. Like if there’s a gap around your airvent that leads to the cold garage, you seal it. So I googled how best to do that and learned it should be done on all the joints where our airvents meet but that most air systems don’t have that done on them.

    sometimes it’s just identifying a problem (like our kitchen layout being weird) and researching what needs to be done. (remove a half wall, move the stove etc). Professionals are just people who have been doing it longer, it doesn’t mean they do it better ya know?

    How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. ;)

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