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I have a whole sale pitch I do when people ask about my pinback buttons and I realized I’ve never shared it here. I design, print, and press every single button in my store using a professional button maker. There is no drop shipping, no tiny 3rd world country hands, no shoddy product.

Every button starts off as a file on my computer. I design every single button we sell in the store. Once it’s been designed, we print out a sheet of button images using a laser printer. A laser printer is slightly more expensive to print with than an ink jet printer but using a a laser printer means that if your buttons get wet, the image will not bleed. You can even wash your buttons in the washing machine and they come out just as pretty as when they went in.

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After the button images are printed, I cut out the button images. They end up in a fat stack of to be pressed images until we can press them in to buttons.

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I use a professional grade button maker (made in WI) to press every button. The professional grade button maker means there are no bumply bits of mylar poking around the edge of my buttons and the top will never separate from the back of the button. The button parts are actual not flimsy metal (also made in WI). These are a nice solid professional product that you could find in any big box store if we sold to big box stores. The only difference is that they’re made by small company in the USA.

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After we press each button, we sort them by category in to boxes so that they’re easier to find when we vend at conventions. Some of the more popular buttons end up on the site for sale and some are shipped to the people who ordered wholesale (yes, we do wholesale). Start to finish, this is a USA made product made by hand in Warrensburg, MO.

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  1. ashley Cason says:

    HEY! I know how to do that too!

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