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gray living room

We rearranged the house again. I’ve been working on it since I’m done with cons for a little while. I decided I was unhappy with the little couch being in the back living room and so I rearranged. I put the two newish vintage chairs and my square coffee table in to the back living room. I moved the little round book page table to in between the two chairs. It looks SO much more open now!

I’m not done yet by any means, but it’s looking better. I still have to rip out the old book cases and build new ones. I also have to insulate and drywall where the fireplace used to be. Oh and I have to call our electrician to wire in a spot to put in a new fan. So not done, but it’s a good start :)

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2 thoughts on “Back living room

  1. kim says:

    What about the book cases don’t you like? Is it the rounded front or something about the way they’re built?

    • Amanda says:

      They’re in the way. They’re not original to the house and where they’re located in my room makes it difficult to rearrange and they’re on the wrong wall. I’d love to just take them out and put them somewhere else but judging by how the rest of the cabinets in the house were built, we’re taking it out in pieces.

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