Around the interwebs #2

Things I like from around the internet.

OMFSM I love this woman’s hair. I had hair jealousy for a while when I had gone back to normal colored hair. Reading her blog every time she posts was one of the pushes I needed to start with my fun hair colors again. I LOVE the purple!

I started watching SyFy’s new show “Alphas” and enjoy it. It’s basically like “Heroes” without the shark jumping craptasticness that Heroes became

This article about the rape of men was disturbing and fascinating and should be discussed more often. There’s this fallacy that men are not raped and a stigma around men that are. “”Ignoring male rape not only neglects men, it also harms women by reinforcing a viewpoint that equates ‘female’ with ‘victim’, thus hampering our ability to see women as strong and empowered. In the same way, silence about male victims reinforces unhealthy expectations about men and their supposed invulnerability.”

This video was… strangely fascinating and amusing.

Teslacon ticket prices go up at the end of the month. Order them now if you’re interested in going and want to save a buck. If you’re interested in being a vendor for NEXT YEAR then use this page to sign up for it.

This apartment therapy article has tips for using Google+. I’m on google+ btw and I’m really enjoying it. I’m also on pinterest too. Add me to your stuff if you’re so inclined :)

What interesting things have you found on the internet lately?

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