Happy Anniversary Present to ME!

Jordan and I drove out to the town that time forgot (middle of nowhere MO). The “antique” store I was trying to purchase a dresser from was closed (even though the sign said it would be open). While we were driving towards home, I found another store that looked like it might have what I wanted. I was mildly disappointed that the downstairs of the store was all brand new furniture. We headed up to the sweltering upstairs and discovered it was all consignment spaces.

I found this steel lawyers bookcase. It was… ugly and a bit filthy. I went out to the car without it but kept thinking about it and then debate it with Jordan. I ended up running in and buying it.

We brought it home, I removed the tapped down wallpaper from the inside, and I scrubbed the whole thing down before painting. I also WD40ed the inside a bit so the doors would slide open properly.

After I spray painted it, I realized the previous owner had spray painted it too and they had done a poor job. So my spray paint job ended up looking blech. I’m going to end up sanding the thing down and repainting it something other than oil rubbed bronze (feel free to add your paint suggestions). For now though, it’s good enough.

steampunk bar

I put all of our alcohol collection in it (going three deep on the bottom shelf because I collect MO wine. MO wine is delicious by the way). The nice part is for a party, I can open a cabinet door (they slide up) and tell people to help themselves to the open cabinet. Which means all my favorite or expensive stuff is on the top.

steampunk bar apothecary bottles

So why is this post called “Happy Anniversary Present to ME!”… because my 11th anniversary is next month (yeah, someone put up with my crap for 11 years. Amazing) and Cody didn’t know what to get me. I didn’t know what he could get me either. The 11th anniversary is steel and this lawyer bookcase turned bar is steel… so when I bought it, I took a photo and sent it to Cody with “Thanks for the anniversary present.”

He replied “You’re welcome.”

So happy (early) anniversary present to me. I have big plans for you anniversary present. Can’t wait to see how you end up being.


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2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Present to ME!

  1. Kate says:

    This rocks! And I love the idea of “help yourself to the OPEN cabinet.” I detest it when people think any alcohol you have is free game. “No you may not decide to drink all of our nice scotch, asshole.” :)

    • Amanda says:

      I know right? I bought Cody a very very nice bottle of rum for our anniversary (he bought me the equivalent in wine which was 9 bottles). I almost pooped a brick when someone tried to pour themselves a glass of it. Uh. NO!

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