February Buttons

I’ve been working hard on college and my store. It’s leaving little time for blogging. I haven’t been working on the house much but I have some projects we’ll be sharing later. For now, I wanted to share some of my new buttons. All of these were designed in February 2012.

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One of the goals I set for my store this year was to do 10 new buttons a month. It seemed attainable and would force me to keep listing new stuff in the store. I think my store does better when I list new product on a consistent basis.

I think that perhaps my goal was *too* attainable though and I may alter it later. For now, I have a section in the store called “Brand New” where I am posting new buttons in the store. Check it out, it’s full of goodies.

Also new in the store is the “Custom” Section. It has loads of new product ready to be customized.

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