Visioncon 2012

I’ll be at Visioncon again this year. It’s in Springfield MO THIS WEEKEND! I’m going to have loads of new button merch with me that you’re sure to love. If you’ve seen my booth the other two years, well… let me just say I’m going to have TONS more this year. I will NOT be doing custom buttons at the con but you can order them to be shipped to your house.

Some of my favorite people will be there again too. Cullen Bunn will be there (alas, Brian Keene will not. It would have been hilarious to see him back his ass up to Cullen again…).

Damsels of Dorkington will be there too. You’ll love these chicks (and dude). They’re a hoot and I adore hanging out with them.

Dorky Dino will have some of her merch in my booth this time too. Come say hi to Brandi, it’s her first con and I want her to have a great time.

If you’re in Springfield MO this weekend, stop by and say hello. Getting in to the vendor hall is free (or at least it was last year). Come see me. I’m the chick with the blue hair and the amazing smile ;)

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One thought on “Visioncon 2012

  1. Brandi says:

    Yes! It will be awesome!

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