Dressing room Progress

My oldest son helped me paint the former computer area/closet while my husband was away to a class. I picked a really light blue gray from Valspar called “Halcyon Blue” and went to work making the room less of a dungeon.

dressing room

We ran out of paint at one point, but picked up more. I’ve been arranging and rearranging the closet rods and their content. I think I’m finally happy with it now. Still have some minor work, but hot damn is it awesome. AND! It’s mine. Wow.

I’m not done with Cody’s side, but there’s progress there too. He still needs some shelves and some touch up paint etc. It’s better though and he’s happy to get dressed in here in the mornings.

My side also needs some touch ups and another shelf etc. I arranged the dresses and such by color. The shoes have one facing forward and one facing backward so that I can fit more on the shelf and I can see what type of heel each shoe has before I take it off the shelf. I also just really like the look lol.

walk in closet


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3 thoughts on “Dressing room Progress

  1. Christine says:

    Looks great! I’m working on a closet/dressing room for myself right now, too. Thanks for sharing your progress.

    A tip I learned a few years ago for tall boots – a rolled up magazine in each boot keeps them standing up very nicely. I have many tall boots and this method has worked great for me.

  2. [...] had a hideous boob light in the closet that I’ve been working on and I decided it simply had to go. Cody and I went shopping and picked out a small chandelier like [...]

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