More dishes and dilemma

I went antique shopping with my friend Dawn last week and ended up receiving an email about how I’d left quite a few dishes behind from a set I purchased. They were super nice and held my dishes for me. Dawn and I roadtripped to pick up her son and on our way there, we picked up my left behind dishes.

I also picked up new friends for them!

One set of dishes is a lovely tiffany box blue with silver trim and was made in the USA. The other set is a beyond beautiful purple and blue transferware marked “ad 1891 turner’s paintings no 5051.” I bought an 83 piece set of dishes (including serving dishes) that are 121 years old. Gobsmacked.

tunsten england dishes

They’re in fabulous condition and now I really just don’t know what to do. Normally I put something fun on them and call it a day. But… these are 121 years old! and fabulous! and in almost perfect condition! I’m torn between doing what I normally do and keeping them just the way they are.

I can’t find any information on them though. So maybe they’re just super old dishes that no one really ever wanted and I’d be better off whoring them up. I kind of just want to keep them though and call them my special holiday dishes. I’m leaning towards that just because they’re so old and beautiful and in colors I like. I need opinions on the matter, what do you think I should do?    I decided to just keep them for now. I really love the way they look and I adore knowing how old they are. I’m not altering them at all and they already have a home in my buffet cabinet. I only alter dishes that aren’t worth more in their original condition. I know some people hate that I alter “antiques” at all (I’ve had some heated debates irl), but if it’s something no one wanted until I altered it, I don’t see the harm.


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3 thoughts on “More dishes and dilemma

  1. JB says:

    I’m so happy you’re keeping them unaltered. They are exquisite!

    • Amanda says:

      I’m happier keeping them unaltered too. I finally realized that if I felt uneasy about altering them, that meant I should not do it. I wanted to use them for special occasions but if I do that, I’ll have to not tell people how old they are. All of my friends are too scared to touch them now lol.

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