Cocaine Dishes

Yes, cocaine dishes… dishes that say the word cocaine on them :-p I don’t know what people actually store in them (perhaps their stash of cocaine? idk), but I find them funny. They’re made using sugar bowls and can storeĀ  just about anything.

They’re weird, I know. I think they’re funny though. I have other ones that say things like “poison” and “antidote” or “hemlock.” Just weird things for the store that look pretty and have something unexpected on them.

Much like the misogynistic curse word teacups I sell, I do wonder where these things end up and what people do with them. One of the more recent poison/antidote dishes I sold now hold someone’s antidepressants. She sent a lovely email about it that made me laugh sometimes. I could appreciate her dilemma and loved that she was handling it with humor. I hope other people who buy them tell me what they do with them and where the dishes end up.

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One thought on “Cocaine Dishes

  1. Jamie says:

    I LOVE these! They are on the idea of the Jonathan Adler canisters. I’d love to see a set of Valium, Zoloft, Xanax. Something really off-color and quirky. Cyanide would be a good one, too.

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