Ripping out walls, leaving our mark

So This is what my back living room currently looks like this morning. I literally just snapped the photos. It’s not as messy as it was yesterday and there are boxes and boxes of plaster waiting to go to the dump. We also have a hefty pile of slats for burning. Yes, ripping out the walls is how Cody and I spent our fourth of July. Don’t worry, my kids had fun because they were with their grandparents in AZ.

We ripped out bookcases on the back wall and a closet on the front wall. You can still see where the closet used to be in this photo. I have to patch the floor and the ceiling because the walls made up a chunk of that. We were happy to discover that the walls inside the closet were even with the walls outside of the closet. In this house, it was a real fear they wouldn’t be.

We fixed one of the walls this past spring because the fireplace crumpled when I removed some wood to look at the brick work and it left a big hole in the wall. We patched drywall around the bookcase we couldn’t take out and I’ll need to fix that now.

We also had a gas leak recently (we’re okay!) and when the worker came out to fix it, he cut the gas off to the backside of the house for me. This means I can removed the hearth of the fireplace now and replace it with something pretty. We won’t be putting a working fireplace back in to the house but I don’t want to just patch a piece of wood in to the floor.

It’s not bad for a days work though. The room is huge and took a lot of time to get everything down. We had friends helping us remove stuff and my friend Eddie lent us tools to help make it all easier.

Can’t wait to share more photos of more progress! What did you do for your fourth of july?


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One thought on “Ripping out walls, leaving our mark

  1. Dawn says:

    I totally need to come over with my sharpie and graffiti some studs.

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