Finishing work, I think I broke my body

(Deity of your choice) bless this man. We did the finishing work yesterday and ripped out nails, the last of the plaster, the trim, the everything. The walls are just studs now. Cody was tired. We both were. I did something I have never done before. I went out of the house looking like shit, covered in grime, and wearing a baseball cap. And you know what? Not a single damn was given by either of us.

We bought steaks and things that came in six packs, we consumed it, we were happier. Cody made the mistake of saying he could do stuff like this more often if it came with that type of reward. Challenge accepted dear.

So this is our room now.

We have an electrician coming out today. This makes me happy because Shippy does great work and has worked on the house before. I want to have things OFF of breaker 7. Fucking breaker 7 with its ability to take down half the house when it blows. /sigh

Basically we’re utterly exhausted. I had a piece of drywall that we leaned against the wall just to see what it would look like when we’re done. I am so freaking thrilled with it.

We’re insulating the walls today, putting plastic over it all, hanging a little drywall, and cleaning. Why the rush? Well, the rest of my house currently looks like this:

Basically the house is a disaster. I kind of want to cry even though I know it is all temporary. So we’re finishing up stuff so that we can relax. Right now I can’t watch tv or sit on the couch and both of those things would be great!

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2 thoughts on “Finishing work, I think I broke my body

  1. Dawn says:

    sexy time. upstairs.

  2. Amanda says:

    Hahahaha. That’s so funny. YES! Sexy time, if by sexy time you mean soak in a bubble bath and fall asleep lol

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