We insulated as much of the walls as we can, but we have some electrical issues that need to be dealt with before we insulate the rest of the room. Half our house is on frelling breaker 7 and we need that fixed. I also have plans to turn a window in to a door to the porch that I have to build and it seemed like it would be annoying to have to turn the porch light off in the kitchen instead of by the door to outside.

Anyway, so we called our electrician and he came out to look at stuff for me. He’ll be putting a light switch in for the fan that is in the room that isn’t on a light switch. He’ll be removing the outlets that are on breaker 7 and running a new line to the breaker box. We’ll get a porch light with light switch, two new outlets, the new breaker, and a switch for the overhead lighting. I think it’s worth the wait.

So we moved the chairs, couch, and an outdoor table in to the space. Cody hung the tv on the wall and we spent several hours catching up on our favorite shows. It was incredibly relaxing. I’m actually glad we’re forced in to waiting to insulate and drywall because it means we have to let our bodies rest.

It’s ghetto and I am simply too tired to care. The rest of the downstairs isn’t much better right now. We’re planning on cleaning some stuff up during our forced break. I’ll work on my store some more. We’ll lay on the couch and watch things instead of doing things. It’ll be okay. Right?

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One thought on “Stalled

  1. Kate says:

    You’ll get it done in your own time, and it will look amazing. Enjoy some resting time!

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