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Sage Green to Stormy Blue

That was my youngest son’s bedroom before I painted. It’s this kind of faded sage green color which worked well for the previous owners. They had it paired with pink and purple for their daughters and that was great. My youngest son didn’t like the color though and now that this room is his bedroom, we decided to paint.

I’ve posted photos of part of his room already so the new color really isn’t a surprise. His new color is a stormy blue color that goes great in his room because of the lighting it receives during the day.

We still have to paint the radiator and put up curtains, but we keep moving one step closer to finishing his room. I bought him a new bed and awesome bedding that he will love. He and I worked to clean up the shelves so that only the stuff he loves is in his room now.

I eventually want to scrape the popcorn ceiling off because I hate it. This is the only room with one on it too. weird. We’re also refinishing the floors at some point as well. For now though, it’s good enough. He’s happy and so am I :)

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