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Altering Old Dishes aka Dilemma Solved

blue and purple transferware

I posted a couple months ago about altering vintage dishes and a dilemma I had. I’d purchased new dishes for the store without looking at the maker’s mark on the back because they were so pretty. When I checked the mark once I came home, I noticed they were 121 years old and I had almost the entire set of dishes.

turner's paintings dishware


So I didn’t alter it right away. I unpacked them and put them in my cabinet and I’ve left them there while I figure out what to do with them. Keeping them was my first choice but most of my friends didn’t want to touch them out of fear of breaking something and I have a thing against keeping dishes I don’t actually use.

I briefly thought about putting them piecemeal on ebay, but that didn’t seem right either.

I ended up contacting the Warrensburg Historical Society and someone came over to look at the dishes. My dishes will now be a donation to the historical society and they will be on display for a while. The Historical Society may sell them at a later date which is totally okay with me. I’m happy with whatever they decide to do with the dishes.


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  1. linda kaserman
    Posted August 23, 2013 at 12:18 pm | #

    i have 3 ‘soup bowls of these dishes. We’ve had them in the house since i was little. They were the bowls mom, dad, my grandmother and my great grandmother used for soup. I used another smaller bowl – different pattern. I now have 3 of these bowls. not in pristine condition – after all, they’ve been used regularly since the 1950′s. I have NO idea where they came from and like you – i’ve found nothing on the internet.
    Linda Kaserman
    Adelphi Maryland

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