Costumes ARE NOT Consent

It started with a sign the powers that be for Convergence put up at Convergence 2012. The conversation continued with blog posts from both men and women. Loud and clear, we’re saying the sexual harassment of someone (man or woman) is NOT OKAY!

I attend many conventions every year as a vendor. I’ve had very few where I have not had to tell someone that they should not touch me or that their remarks about my body make me uncomfortable. At my very first convention in 2010, I had someone “accidentally” run in to me on the stairs and grab my breasts in the process.

I’ve learned I have to stand up for myself. I have to tell people (men and women) that grabbing parts of my body is not okay. I have to be blunt and forceful with it or most of them will not take me seriously. On occasion, I’ve hit people who are touching me (like the woman that came up and smacked my butt several times while saying “her ass her ass (harass)” because I asked someone to quit harassing me).

I like that more and more conventions are including a sexual harassment policy. I like that they’re taking reports of sexual harassment seriously. I like that women are talking about it and standing up for each other when they see it happen. I like that men are stepping in and confronting creepers when they see a creeper making someone uncomfortable.

And So starts a new line of buttons. I had “Look but don’t touch” already and I’ve added “Costumes are no consent.” I have plans to add more of them to the store. I made these Because I can. Because touching someone’s body is not okay if you don’t have their permission. Because a costume is not consent. Because it even needs to be said at all and isn’t just assumed that you shouldn’t try to touch parts of people you don’t know.

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