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A Helper

I have the best helper in the world. Her name is Kaitlin and she’s pretty much amazing. She’s a super dork which means I can be a super dork around her because she gets me.

For some odd reason, Kaitlin likes to press buttons. She’s very good at it. That photo is of her with her most recent box of slave labor. She presses them while we watch episodes of Dr. Who.

Kaitlin likes to go thrift store/garage sale shopping and this summer she was on the hunt for dishes for my store. She has fantastic taste and I’ve just now started altering all the dishes she picked up over the summer. Be on the look out for those later because I altered a ton yesterday.

KB is a super nerd, like me and it’s part of why we get along so well :) We met at the UCM Holiday craft bizarre last December but it feels like I’ve known her for forever. I adore her because we can geek out about the same tv shows, books, whatever.

Be on the lookout for her at future conventions (like Pandoracon this September) because she’s one of the new booth helpers.

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