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Hello Again

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. College started up again and I’m a busy bee this fall. Aside from my normal stuff of running my store and renovating my house, I’m now in classes and the social rep for a group on campus called Queers and Allies. Being a rep for a group, and doing it well, takes a lot of work.

We meet every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm. Our first meeting was an ice cream social, our second meeting was a lot of business. We also did an exercise of “Why are you here?” and “What do you want from Q and A.” Below are some of the answers.

UCM Q and A

It’s also allergy season and that’s just kicking my butt.

I went shopping with Dawn and KB recently. We picked out a bunch of dishes that are going up in the store and selling fast. I’m slightly scared of how much I’ll be selling once the holiday rush starts to happen.

I’ve started making teapots. I really like them because they make me giggle.

I’ve been making a ton of buttons with KB. They’re all being packaged now and filed away. It’s quite the task since we MAKE all the packaging in addition to making the buttons.

We’re prepping for some localish conventions, holiday season, etc. It’s very daunting and overwhelming at times, but I’m getting it done!


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