Decluttering my closet

When I last posted about my closet, it was to show off my pretty chandelier. I also posted about painting the entire room a really like blue instead of the previous dark brown that was chosen by the previous owners.

I’d organized the closet a bit, done a very minor purging of stuff in my closet, and didn’t actually finish painting it because I’d run out of paint. I bought another gallon of paint and just kind of had it sitting there waiting for me to make time to finish. I did that last night since the closet was something out of a hoarder’s episode. Okay… maybe not that bad, but certainly not how I wanted it to be!

I moved the shelves to the other side so that they now have a side of wall. I think it makes them look nicer than they did before I moved them. I reorganized the shoes by size instead of by style because doing so allowed me to fit more shoes on the same wall space.

I took all my jackets, capes, and other outer ware out of storage so that I could see what all I had. I then tried on every single item and ended up getting rid of half of it. I have some very happy friends now.

Vintage purses are now in an organizer box and within easy reach.

organized closet

I then hung all my pants. I realized I mostly wear skirts and my pants collection isn’t huge. By hanging up all five pairs with my skirts, I opened up a shelf to hold sweaters and stuff.

I put purses and hats I don’t often wear up on the highest shelf because well, I don’t often wear them :)

All my cardigans are now together and my graphic tees. I still have to flip the hangers the wrong way so I can see what I actually do and do not wear, but this is a start.

I’m trying to make my closet as functional as possible. I don’t want a bunch of clothing that I only wear when it’s laundry day. I don’t want things that don’t make me feel pretty when I wear them. I want stuff that compliments my body shape and makes me look nice. Keeping an organized closet is part of that goal.

I still have other things to fix in the closet, but I’m happy with how it is right now.


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One thought on “Decluttering my closet

  1. Kate says:

    I love your closet, and the updates will make it easier for you to get all dressed up in your fabulous clothes!

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