Packaging teacups

I make, store, and ship a lot of teacups every month. I’ve slowly developed better and better ways of storing and listing my inventory. I used to just have to just have them on shelves and would pack it up as it was ordered. I no longer have time to do that and sometimes things were lost between when I listed them and when they were ordered.

I now have everything boxed and labeled as I list it. I used to hand write the labels but that takes a while and you couldn’t always read what I’d written.

I now use my dymo labelwriter 330 to print out labels. I made a template and just fill in the words after I list an item. I then print however many I need, put them on boxes, and fill the boxes with product.

For sets, I always put the same thing in each numbered box. In an “i love you i know” set, box 1 always contains “i love you” and box 2 always contains “i know.” I do it this way so that if I have multiples of a set, I don’t have to worry about giving a customer two of one part of the same item.

After everything is labeled, I put it on the proper shelf. Each thing has its own shelf in the office. All my whores are on one shelf, i love you I know sets, don’t blink, etc. It works out much easier in the long run and allows people to help me pull orders when there’s a rush in my store.

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