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Puppy Jealousy

Realtor Heather had some puppies she needed to rehome and KB’s parents decided to adopt one. Cody and I watched it for the day so that Heather didn’t have to drive home to pick it up.

Puppy jealousy was high when Heather dropped her off.

Puppy Jealousy was less high with each poo and pee that puppy did in my house.

Anni was unamused by something biting her haunches the way she bites Mouse’s haunches.

Anni kept jumping on furniture to get away from puppy and then she’d jump on puppy to scare her. Anni is kind of a bitch.

Puppy jealousy was gone though. I realized that much like babies, I like *other* people’s babies/puppies but I don’t want more of my own lol.

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