Benefit auction for V’s family

My friend Dawn posted about her friend V and my heart broke. Her friend V lost her nephew in yesterday’s shooting. I’ve already donated my own money but Dawn mentioned I should auction something off to help raise money that way.

And so I am.

All of the money will be donated directly to her so she can help her family with funeral costs and meals and such. Things no parent ever wants to think about.

So with this auction, you will receive one “I love you” and “I know” teacup surprise box. With your surprise box, you will also receive a sampling of other Geek Details products. We normally sell these surprise boxes for $34 + shipping. I will ship this box for free to the winning bidder. We will not be keeping *any* of the money from this auction. Not a penny. This auction will close at 10 pm central on 16 December 2012.

Want to bid? Leave your bid in the comments section please. Winning bidder will be contacted tomorrow evening.

Not sure what an i love you i know set looks like? Here is an example. This is another example. This is the surprise box listing. Your set will be something like that but not those sets. Want those sets? If you buy any of the “I love you, I know” sets in the month of December, we will donate all profits from your purchase to V and her family.

Other ways you can help Victoria or her family:

If you go to this facebook note, it updates frequently with the best way to help their family at that time. Check it out. Do whatever you feel moved to do.


Didn’t win? You can still get an “I love you I know” teacup set in my store and I really am donating *all* profits from those from now until the end of December. OR just donate directly to the family.

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16 thoughts on “Benefit auction for V’s family

  1. Ethan says:

    We start at 25 bucks.

  2. Peggy Turner says:


  3. Peggy Turner says:


  4. Peggy Turner says:


  5. Peggy Turner says:


  6. [...] There is an auction set up to benefit the family HERE. [...]

  7. Ethan says:

    I mean 110

  8. Peggy Turner says:


  9. Peggy Turner says:


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