Planet Comicon 2013

I met Chris from Planet Comicon this weekend while at Visioncon. He gave me some exciting information about Planet Comicon and I’m pleased to announce we’ve added it to the con schedule this year. I’ve turned in my application and everything. We have high hopes for this one.

What’s the exciting news? They’re changing venues which will mean MORE of everything planet comicon and their guest list is awesome!

planet comicon

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One thought on “Planet Comicon 2013

  1. jennycain says:

    So I excitedly emailed this post to Phil after seeing the headlining names. My email went like this:

    “George Takai? Will Wheaton? Adam Baldwin? Chewbacca? We need to go.

    Aaaand … I just realized that 10 years ago I would have never had said that sentence. Hell, I wouldn’t of even known who those people were. Frak you. “

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