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Based out of Warrensburg, MO, Geek Details is indie crafting at its cheekiest! A bit darling, a bit daring Geek Details combines the two in to something magical. Using  discarded dishes and vintage china we slap each one with something unexpected and serve it up on a platter of fun. The store includes a variety of funny sets to choose from and buttons to make even a mime laugh out loud. (Do take caution though when shopping with us; some of our pieces are not family friendly).

We make it all in house and there’s no drop shipping. You can read about how we make our buttons here.

Geek Details started in 2008 when I was still a young military wife. It’s organically grown to the business it is today. I sell online and at various conventions across the country. You can find a current con list on my “See Me” page. I’m just getting in to the convention circuit so if you know of one you think I might like, please email me at amanda [at] geekdetails [dot] com.


You can shop with us on amazon.




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Social Media

You can stay up to date with what I’m doing over on my blog. I blog about renovating my house, attending conventions, and making lots of things. Sometimes there are Westie photos :)

Our facebook page is where you can find our latest contest, coupon codes, and product release information. We’re running a new contest every week in 2014 for a variety of geeky merch.





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