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Visioncon 2012

I had the BEST time at Visioncon this year. My girls (and guy) from Damsels of Dorkington were there and they always make me laugh. THEY can make ANY convention better and I’m so glad they were there. My friend Brandi from Dorky Dino went with me this year and it was really nice to have someone man the booth while I went and talked to people. We both were able to sell each other’s products and go meet people at the con. It made it so I could go see so much more of the convention than I normally get to see.

My Damsel in this Dress pirate corset coat was a hit. I paired it with a black lace skirt from Modcloth that Cody gave to me at Christmas and a black lace sleeved top from Forever 21. It looked pretty hot. (photo taken from a friend’s fb page). The lighting is poor, but you get the general idea of the costume. It was surprisingly comfortable and I wore my corset and boots for about 21 hours without ending up in pain.

My friend Phyllis bought Mark the security guy (aka Batman) at the slave auction and gave him to me as a birthday present. Being escorted around by THE GOD DAMN BATMAN all evening was lovely even if he had to keep handling security issues at the convention. (The slave auction is where you buy an hour of someone’s time and the money raised goes to a charity. For this one, the money went to a breast cancer charity).

Brandi and I had a wonderful time though and we sold a bunch of stuff. I tried out a new display idea this year because I went from 75ish buttons last year to 245 buttons this year (WOW!) and I had teacups etc now. Cody built some steps for me on Thursday night and the booth came together pretty well.

Anyway, it was a good time and we’ll probably be back next year :) If you were there, feel free to link up your photos so I can post them.

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